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20 June 2023


Miracles, Magic and More


There will always be mysteries because we will always be part of Something Greater – greater in Mind and Spirit. And, there will always be events and things which will appear to happen miraculously or magically. 

Even in this “Scientific Age,” there is much we emphatically Do Not Know! Mysteries still exist far and wide beyond the imaginings of the greatest scientists. Even Albert Einstein admitted that:

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.”

We do not perceive and understand all sorts of mysteries as well as the Greatest Mystery of existence, cosmic and human. Still many of us believe the veils hiding them will be lifted through more science, finer technology, better medicine.

Miracles and Magic are constantly happening in our very midst – because The Kingdom lies Within. These latter Wonders can be understood if not fully explained and elucidated while the Mysteries remain largely undiscovered. We write to bring this paradox into better view.

Yes, there are still mysteries hidden from us because we do not have the hearts, minds and eyes to perceive them. Not long ago (1997), scientific journalist John Horgan published a book called The End Of Science: Facing The Limits Of Knowledge In The Twilight Of The Scientific Age. Horgan believes all major scientific discoveries – natural selection, the double helix, the big bang, the relativity and quantum theories – have been made. Only refinements are left and no more revolutions or revelations are yet to be had. Just details!

Interestingly, readings in history indicate that similar kinds of thinking were in vogue at the turn of the preceding two centuries. In any period, this seems like a foolish Know-It-All attitude. How arrogant to think that we have plumbed the width, breadth and depth of creation in the course of a few hundred years of scientific studies. In fact, we are just beginning to scratch the surface of things, to study the tips 0f icebergs, to cognize outer layers of the real and the true, the beautiful and the eternal.

What do we really know of the origins of life or even of the conception of a human being? How many real secrets has the Earth yet to divulge? How little of the solar system – not to mention our galaxy – have we investigated in truly meaningful ways? And that just from purely materialistic standpoints. How many ills do we not in the least understand? Name a cure, if you can, of an illness or disease which medics have made in the last generation. 

Dr. Lewis Thomas, a biologist, researcher, administrator and wise physician, hit the nail on the head when he wrote, “The only solid piece of scientific truth about which I feel totally confident is that we are profoundly ignorant about nature. Indeed, I regard this as the major discovery of the past hundred years of biology.” from The Medusa and the Snail

Humans are clearly part of nature. Furthermore, every thing is alive from the ultra-microscopic level to the macroscopic heavens. So biology covers vast territory. Then despite all scientific investigations, the fact is clear that “The more we know, the less we know.” Here follow just a few of the multitudinous unexplained


• What preceded the Beginning

• The real meaning of the Big Bang 

• What keeps the stars and planets in orbit

• How life appeared on our own planet

• What is the true cause of evolution

• What is Humanity’s place in the scheme of existence

• How Nature acts as the “Garment of God”

• How sunlight is turned into food and fiber


• How creatures were separated into the sexes

• How the womb knows to implant a fertilized egg and nourish it

• What makes a human fetus’s heart begin to beat

• The occult food of life 

• How humans are able to communicate wordlessly

• How child prodigies appear regardless of heredity

• Why humans fall ill and eventually die

• What happens at death

Civilization has made grand advancements over the ages. To the point that we daily use the wonders of electricity and mechanization, mass communication and transport. While we have made these gains, society has become fragmented and hyper-specialized. Practically all of us drive vehicles, work with computers, and live through telephones. But, we do so with the barest awareness and understanding of the technologies which undergird these wonders. Mysteries even lay hidden in the midst of mechanics, information technologies, and world wide communication.

Even today, to a savage or a primitive tribesman in the Amazon jungle, a telephone or airplane may appear as a mystery. Once demonstrated, they may then seem as miracles. Until we use such things frequently. Then, they become common and part of what we consider reality. 

Mysteries have been hidden thus for ages from all manner of people. And they still are. There are many, many others – as suggested above – which wait to be revealed to true seekers.

The Ancients ran Mystery Schools for hundreds of years to lead students toward understanding the hidden forces in the universe and in themselves. The day will arise – when the times and seasons are right – to open the doors to more and more of the persisting mysteries. Humanity will then enter a true New Age.

In the meantime, we can grope in that direction through simple study of phenomena which point towards the Mysteries. So, we will discuss and try to elucidate Miracles, Magic, and More in subsequent essays.  

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Dr. Bob took a jaunt across America in 2002.

He started in Lavina on June 11 and

arrived at the Statue of Liberty

on November 3, 2002,

which happened to be a Sunday

and the day of the New York Marathon.

"His marathon" was over in time for a good rest.

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