17 May 2023

Mozart: The Musician,
The Medium and The Magic


Most everybody knows Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – at least by name if not by music. The movie Amadeus in 1984 may have brought him and his music before more people in a few months than all other means over the previous two hundred years.

Mozart was an amazingly talented young man who went on tour performing all over Europe with his father and sister before his teens. He eventually played the harpsichord, piano, violin, viola, horn, flute, harp, bassoon, oboe, clarinet and trumpet. Wolfgang wrote compositions beginning at age 5. His first was a Minuet and Trio. Mozart’s first opera Bastien and Bastienne was performed when he was only 12 years old. He continued to prolifically write in the likes of The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute. Mozart produced over 600 works before his death at the mere age of 35.

But, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not just a virtuoso at piano and harpsichord, a glorious composer, and a master musician. Mozart was also an extraordinary musical Medium. His music was not really his own.

So, let’s turn from the focus on the idea of music to that of the word Medium for a few moments. Medium is a hot word these days. It has several forms and meanings. We usually think of newspapers and journals, radio and television, and now the internet as media. Each is a medium of communication.

We hear “the medium is the message.” And it often seems to be so – even if the message and the medium get garbled along the way. Information and misinformation and disinformation are rampant in the present day. Everyone has a chance to transmit genuine or tainted material into and through the wonder of the internet.

There is no end to the mediums or media which are available to moderns in the West and increasingly around the world. The writer finds it interesting that the more media and means of communication the less proficient it seems that people are at using them. The medium of letter writing has almost been lost – replaced with quick emails and cryptic text messages.

Still, the world wide web is a true wonder which emulates the far subtler web of communications which go on in and around us – however unconscious of it we may be.
So, there is media and there are mediums of many kinds.

The kind most akin to our interest is that of a human being who “sits” and is overshadowed by discarnate beings. The latter speak through the medium to convey information of various kinds depending on time, place and interest of those who attend their seances. These mediums have existed from ancient, ancient times.

The most famous was the high priestess at the Oracle of Delphi in Greece. The priestess-oracle medium then called the pythoness gave counsel and divine inspiration to applicants. The sacred site and its female mediums did their work for approximately 2000 years until around 500 AD. In modern times, mediums and seances were in vogue in America beginning with the Fox sisters in New York from the 1840s. Mediums persist into the present day – often called readers, channels, guides, etc. Their value depends again on times, places and persons involved.

But, what about Mozart? Our proposition – in some ways – is very simple: Mozart was a musical genius. One of the greatest humanity has produced. But, we want to pose the broader idea that he was really a Musical Medium. True geniuses work with genies and jinns, devas and angels to channel ideas and information into physical manifestation. In the musical world, they have been called Muses.

Anciently in Greece, the Muses were goddesses who presided over the arts. Calliope governed Heroic Poetry. Clio attended History. Erato guided Lyric Poetry. Euterpe was the Musical Muse. Melpomene was the Tragedian. Polymnia directed Sacred Poetry. Terpsichore delighted in Dance. Thalia was the Comedian. And, Urania tended Astrology and the Sciences of the day.

Let us say that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had a direct line – so to speak – with Euterpe. Probably more direct than any other musician and composer in history. We might look at the quality and quantity of his works in his brief life and compare those to other composers. But, that would divert us from the substance of our essay.

Mozart was a Wunderkind and he surely had lifetimes spent in mastering musical skills. Moreover, he was also guided through his life – not just by his musical father Leopold. He was more fundamentally overshadowed by a great force that the Greeks called Euterpe. By Mozart’s day, his Musical Muse, Goddess, or Angel would have had a fresh Germanic name.

Mozart was one of many who have been guided and informed by the Better Angels. Like thousands or millions of creative people, Mozart “merely” had to open up and attune to his Angel to receive inspiration and touches of celestial music. Yes, celestial. He was, again, touched by a heavenly Angel.

And, yes, he was and is not alone in that regard. In all ages, the greatest human minds and hearts have been collaborators with muses – angels – genies – gods and goddesses. Take your pick.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a Medium and an Instrument – so to speak – for an Angelic Messenger. Furthermore, it seems quite likely that, while he was a supreme virtuoso, Mozart was also part of a grand orchestra which spans continents and generations. The messages of that symphony are beyond our imagining.

Angelic Beings have vision and perspective which go beyond time and space. They work through human subjects – their instruments to bring ideas and information into manifestation as we are capable of receiving and transmitting them.

To top that, believe it or not, you and I can and do act to a degree like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Every human being has at least two Better Angels – our protective Guardian Angel and the Great Angel of the Soul.

Then, there are angels, devas, genies and spirits here there and everywhere which we  attract unknowingly for good or ill. They are constantly at hand, ready to express through humans to advance or obstruct the purposes of the Great Ones.

Thus, our every thought, word and deed either raises Love and Consciousness – or not. Let us dare to stand Magically with Mozart as Mediums for the betterment of all.


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