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The Best Story from My 2014 Walk
February 2015

I made it to Kansas in September with help from old friends and new.
I spent seven weeks in Atchison and Baldwin
and got to see oldtimers Dorothy and Jim.
Some of my intentions for the trip were met, others not.
“Life happens while we make plans.”

I blogged whenever possible
[now also at Blogs/DrBobsWalkBlogs.html]
and have added several since resigning from the road.
Some of the blogs are about my new home in Arizona.
I am glad for the dry air rather than the ghastly humidity in Kansas
and the long cold spells of Montana.

I am now duplicating the last blog I wrote and placing it here
because I think most everyone can benefit from the story that goes with it.
I call it

Working the Night Shift

This is the most extraordinary story of my 2014 Walk.
It came to my awareness after I “camped” one night
on the steps of the First United Methodist Church in Overton, NE.
I wanted distance between me and the rumble
of the Union Pacific Railroad that night,
so the FUMC steps filled the bill.
The concrete landing was not totally comfortable,
but it was quieter than many spots closer to the RR line.

Methodist Church in Overton

First United Methodist Church, Overton Nebraska

In the morning, I thought, “Maybe I should attend church.”
I grew up in the Methodist Church in Mitchell, South Dakota,
and it had been a long time since I sat in the pew at any church.

So, I hung around the building until church service time.
I met some members, sat with twenty or so people,
and listened to the sermon.
The most remarkable part of the sermon was when the minister
repeatedly acknowledged a frail man
named Ernie in the pews and his wisdom.
Ernie nodded, but just a little.

After service, I went down to the fellowship hall
and joined the group for brunch.
I quickly got two invitations to ride
toward Kansas City in the coming days.
One couple was going to see the Royals play the Yankees.
Another woman, Ernie’s wife,
said she would be going toward Kearney on Monday.
She told me, “I will look for you.”

The Rest of the Story

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, almost.

And, the Saddle will be my Kelty backpack as
I begin my 2014 Walkabout on or about 1 August.
The Theme for this year’s Trek is Amity, Unity and Imagination --
representing the Heart, the Star and the Stripes of the flag I carry. 
We all can share more of those energies in our lives and worlds.

I will visit old friends in Kansas. And new ones I meet along the way.
If you know anyone along the general route I ought to look up, let me know.

After conferring with my Kansas friends, I may head to the Southwest.
But, my travel itineraries often change.
So, it is hard telling where the route will lead.

I will endeavor to stop at libraries along the way to do weekly blogs
for those who may be interested
at http://theportableschool.blogspot.com

[now also at Blogs/DrBobsWalkBlogs.html]


Amity and Unity and Imagination

“Ask not what your country can do for you;
ask what you can do for your country.”
John F. Kennedy

How long should we wait for things to change?
Whom do we think will make things right, better, wonderful?
Must we wait for government or God to act?

Let us stand together and care for each other, family and neighbors,
fellows and citizens of other countries, friends and foes alike!
We all belong to the same human race, dwell on the same planet Earth,
and are created in a Greater Image.
Set to practice the Golden Rule preached the world around.

Let’s all pitch in, again and again.
We are never too old or weak to do a good deed and make a difference.
Let our little lights shine.

“How wonderful it is that
nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.”
Anne Frank


The 2012 Walk Is Over,
But the 2002 Book Is Out

January 2013

The latest adventure ended in Wells, NV, on October 6.
For a brief narrative, go the
Details follow in Lessons from Roads Less Traveled.

Copies of the new book about the Old Walk called
Montana Made Me Do IT:
Walk and Paint America Red White and Blue
are now on sale.

Just a few have read MMMDI
while the author has been decompressing from his excursion.


Former Marine Sergeant Frank Hutton,
started Baby Doctor, got through some of People Medicine,
but saluted MMMDI: “It’s a great book!”

Arlene Blaquiere,
recently moved to the Wheatland Memorial Nursing Home,
said, “I loved it! When I get time, I’m going to read it again.”

Charlotte McDevitt, Gardiner MT, gives a cheer:
“The story is all intertwined and nicely told. 
The book is entertaining, interesting and unique. It is good.”

To purchase your copy of the book, contact

Dr. Bob
theportableschool at gmail dot com
or make a $20 deposit in his paypal.com
account under the same email address.

For more description of the book or to scan photos from the trek,
go to MMMDI.


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