Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Good Neighbor Sam

I decided that my old flag and friend, Fanny, needed to be retired after last year's walk. Having been sewn 12 years ago and covered trips to New York, Nevada and Nebraska, she was probably ready for a restful life.

A hailstorm near Ashland, Montana, last summer suggested that her retirement should be sped up. Fanny now rests in a storage shed. She will see indoor duty in the future.

Her replacement travels with me now. I call him Sam and even talk to him on occasion.

There is usually plenty of traffic nearby, but often no one except Sam to talk to.

So, the Flag has grown on me and its parts have added meaning.

* The single Star represents Unity, of which our nation is very much in need.

Abraham Lincoln said, “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.” United we stand, divided we fall. Can we not work again to be united even in our diversity.

* The Golden Heart suggests Amity-Goodwill-Friendliness. We are taught to love one another as individuals. Let's learn to love and share with all - humans and otherwise.

* The Red and White Stripes have come to mean Imagination to me. They originally arose in the Flag of the Sons of Liberty in the Revolutionary period. The Sons of Liberty were also the Sons of Rebellion.

I believe that Spirit needs to be transformed into Imagination.

All things are possible with God.
God lies within us all and
can be accessed to answer any problem when we strive toward goodness.

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