On the ROAD and RADIO again - for Amity and Unity

ROAD: In my recent MONTANA Made Me Do IT book,
I tell how I came to the conclusion that walking from Montana to New York City in 2002
was one of two best things I had ever done.
The other was caring for my father in the last weeks of his life.

That realization helped spur me to do the 2012 Walk carrying Fannie the Flag.
 It helps give me another push to go out again Walking for Amity and Unity
which I believe are two keys to Peace.

I will be heading down the road shortly with extra gear - tent and poncho - thanks to Adrie and Charlotte.
(I went tentless and practically rainless last trip.)
And, I have a buggy to carry that gear, odds and ends, and gallons of water when I hit desert.
The latter was a gift from Duane and Audrey.
They also were responsible for lettering the rig.


The upcoming itinerary will take me to Arizona and Nevada. The layout below is just to give you a general picture of the territory to be covered. The route is and will be subject to change (I now am considering Idaho and Utah to Arizona). I am open to suggestions. If you know any one or place I MUST visit, let me know. I also am willing to entertain course corrections, in general. Who knows what the adventure will bring? I have never - in this lifetime - traveled most of this territory ahead. Certainly not on foot.

2013 Walk Route

RADIO: Thursday afternoon, I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Merry and Burl Hall
about my writing and walking projects. The program is now available for on-demand listening at

The three of us had a wide ranging discussion and a fun visit. Merry and Burl host a weekly show, usually on Wednesdays, pointed to envisioning a holy and wholesome future. Our interview got moved to Thursday due to “technical difficulties.” But, all their shows covering the last 12 months are archived for listening any time.

Take a moment and check out the listing of their programs.

Amity and Unity to you,


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