New Jersey Net


I had just crossed the Delaware River into New Jersey
on a brisk, frosty morning in late October.

I stopped to take a break and make a phone call
in front of a tiny town mercantile.
In the midst of my call, a fellow drove up next to me,
and asked, "Are you the fellow hiking down the highway?"

It was none other than Charlie Dean,
who soon invited me for breakfast up the road at his house.
Well, I didn't know Charlie before that moment
but he treated me like a long lost friend.

He drove me to his house, gave me the grand tour,
introduced me to his dogs and cats,
and made me a decent breakfast
including a local favorite, Scrapple.
Scrapple is something like Spam but with corn meal
replacing some of the meat.

Charlie is a retired truck and bus driver,
who drives school bus occasionally when requested.
That's how he noticed me - on his bus route.

Charlie also supplements income and experience
by doing DJ work with his wife.
They call themselves the Deans of Music.

Not long after my visit with Charlie,
Kem Monk rescued me near Culvers Lake.
My feet and whole body were lagging by then.
But, New York and the Statue were
almost within crawling distance.

We had met some years before at a conference.
She knew I was planning this cross country walk
and invited me to stay at her house on Lake Hopatcong.

Kem treated me royally,
took me to Drew University
where she is studying to be a minister,
showed me around Sparta United Methodist Church
where she is Associate Pastor,
and paddled me around Lake Hopatcong.

After a few days at her house,
Kem set me on the road
on the last lap
to the Lady Liberty.



Here I am.

Wish that 45 represented my age instead of the speed limit.

By then, I also wished I could walk that fast.
But, I only had 2 days to go.

The suburbs and Jersey City
were the only things which separated me
from Liberty State Park
and the Lady.

Another favorite photo.


Because it represents rest.
My pack is snugged up.
Not carrying much by then.
Only one bottle of water.
It was even warm enough
to leave my fleece jacket off.

More importantly,
the goal is in sight.

Can you see the Statue,
the Lady Liberty,
tiny in the distance
between the flags
on the right?

On to the ferry boat now.



Ta Da.

We made it.

I, from Montana.

Ginger arrived from Queens.

To celebrate with me

And honor the Lady Liberty.

What do the Lady and Liberty

mean to you?

New York, New York (Isn't that redundant?)

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