Dr. Bob took a jaunt across America in 2002.

He started in Lavina on June 11 and

arrived at the Statue of Liberty

on November 3, 2002,

which happened to be a Sunday

and the day of the New York Marathon.

"His marathon" was over in time for a good rest.

But, the memories will remain forever.

2002 Route
Dr. Bob's Route

May 2003 article

“A Journey of 3,000 Miles, Beginning With a Single Step”

by Dru Sefton, Newhouse News Service, Washington, DC


“Former US Army Captain & Viet Nam Veteran, Robert McNary, MD,
took a jaunt across America in 2002.  He started in Lavina, MT on
June 11 and  arrived at the Statue of Liberty on November 3, 2002,
carrying his version of the American flag -- a golden heart
superimposed on a single large star in the field of blue.

“McNary, who is interested in symbols,
knew he would walk when he encountered a man and his horse
their own walk across the country. 
‘Peace Arnold and I put him up for a couple nights,’ he said. 
‘That was my
confirmation that I needed to walk.’
“McNary, known as Dr. Bob back home, does not say much about

his reasons for walking preferring to let the symbols speak for themselves
and leaves each person to
receive from the encounter
whatever meaning they are able to extract. 
What he does say, however,
after his long walk is that,
‘When you do something valuable,
you just don't do it for a moment.
You persist
in many different ways.’”

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Click to see a snap with the Lady Liberty.

 1st Fortnight
 2nd Fortnight
 3rd Fortnight
 4th Fortnight
 5th Fortnight
 6th Fortnight

The first six fortnights cover Roundup, MT, to Princeton, MN.

 New York
 New Jersey
 New York City

Wisconsin to New York City from September through November 2002.

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