TPS Workshops for 2013+

Mysteries Told and Secrets Revealed

“The mystery which has been hidden for the ages.”
Paul, the Tentmaker

The Aquarian Age is just beginning to reveal mysteries and secrets.
We will make our own early explorations into them.
While maintaining some of the mystery until the workshop occurs,
let them be briefly named:

The Great Law
The Enigmatic Gift
The Profound Mystery
The Secret of Spirit
The One Angel
The Hidden Path
The Personal Revelation


The Heart and Soul of Healing

“Healing requires a change in consciousness.”

Medicine and orthodox therapies scratch the surface of healing possibilities.
History tells and the future will show that
there are great varieties of healing experience.
As dis-ease comes from within, so is healing an “inside job.”
We will contemplate that “occupation” through
stories and symbols, energetic explorations and group work.


The Seven Wonders of Your World

“As Above, So Below.”
Hermes, the Magician

The Magical number of 7 (and 12) is the focus of this workshop.
Through graded progression,
we will begin to understand and experience
the Sacred Seven and the Twelve-Petalled Lotus
which animate us and our worlds.


A Peaceable Planet

“The kingdom of heaven is in our very midst.”
Jesus, the Carpenter

We keep waiting for peace and light to manifest on Earth.
While they lay all around us ready to
be re-discovered and shared freely.
These sessions present lessons on experiencing
the Kingdom and spiritualizing the Planet.


Born Under A Star

“Lift up your eyes ...
The star that leads the way is your star.”
Judas, the Disciple

Know it or not, we are all born auspiciously.
We all have a Star of our own to reflect to the world.
We will start with symbols which are a key to astrology,
draw on intuition building,
and pick up the path to Self understanding
which the horoscope can offer.


Workshop teachings include aspects of The Ageless Wisdom,
fundamentals of meditation, and keys to discipleship.

An event can be tailored to fit your group. It is sure to make
a big difference in lives and community,
stimulate creativity and networking,
and get things going in many ways.
The details will take care of themselves
if you invest a reasonable amount of energy into the process.

Financing is simple. I work for peanuts.
I believe that knowledge should be shared as freely as possible
and the time is urgent for stirring creativity
and encouraging transformation of our selves and our worlds.

Contact Dr. Bob
theportableschool at gmail dot com
for more information.

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