Teaching Map

The Portable School

Has Been A Lot of Places
Seen A Lot of Things

The message has grown, changed and morphed
so that healing has taken on a wider, broader flavor.

80s - Spiritual Healing programs in Montana.

Mid 90s - Workshops on the Heart and Soul of Healing
around the western United States.

Later 90s - SPDX (Spiritual Diagnosis) developed and shared.

Even Later 90s - The Rocky Mountain Garage
celebrates America and Humanity
through Red White and Blue Festivals.

2002 - Walk with the Flag from Montana to New York City
to make friends and remind ourselves
of the posterity and destiny of this great land.

2012 - Montana Made Me Do It
written and published.
The book tells about Small Town, Montana,
and how it nurtured the essence of Red White and Blue, Lady Liberty, and AMERICA.

2012 - Another Walk taken through Montana, Idaho, and into Nevada.


2013 - Another Another Walk to circle Central Montana is now in planning.

And More Workshops in the West are developing.

For further information, contact theportableschool at gmail dot com.

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