People Medicine Cover


Everything you need to know
about the system and practice of medicine


Well, not quite everything.
 But, you can gain a whole lot from reading this just published book
about medicine as it has been and how it can be.
I guarantee it.

The western world now has DOCTOR MEDICINE.
Maybe it is time for PEOPLE MEDICINE.
This book can nudge things in that direction.

Early reviewers have said about PEOPLE MEDICINE:

Laurie Ellis Young, Yoga Practitioner, Saudi Arabia

“It is a brilliant book.”
Dr. Tracy Deliman, Psychologist, California

“I agree with 99 percent of what you wrote.”
Former Chairman, Board of Medical Examiners (Montana)


I am surprised at how wide a spectrum of people
- in my present small hometown -
are buying it for friends and family and reading it to their spouses.
Old cowboys and businessmen are reading and learning from
A Frugal Physician Prescribes Common Sense and Enthusiasm.

Dr. Cheves Smythe,
first Dean of The University of Texas Medical School at Houston,
the medical school from which I graduated,
has a copy of PEOPLE MEDICINE and is reading it right now.
He remarked to me in email correspondence:

“I am sure that it would add to my plea to the residents that 
each of them on a nanometric economic scale is an agent in the cost of care,

American medicine's Achilles heel.”

“It is about time a lot of people get harsh on medical practice.”

From John Doe to a Texas Medical Center Dean,
readers expect and find value in PEOPLE MEDICINE.
You can too.

• 250 pages long
• brief chapters
• lots of stories
• broad perspective
• practical information
• guaranteed
• 20 dollars including postage
• 10 dollars in PDF
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