Updates on Main Characters in MMMDI

Sam and Liberty

Bob and Ginger

Ginger returned to the east coast in 2001, just before 911.
She now lives between NYC and rural west Virginia.
Ginger (now Peace) practices rebirthing and Amma massage therapy.

She can be reached through her website:

Mr. K

James Francis Kinerk

Mr. Kinerk totally retired in recent years:
“I will work no more forever.”
He shuttles between Kansas City
and his desert southwest campsites.

Rose Wise

Rose Wise

Rose and Tom Wise spent more and more time in Billings
after selling the Lavina Crossing Cafe and Tom began working at Walmart.
Rose has a series of medical problems and died in the hospital
on November 29, 2007.

Terry and George
Terry and George Nemec


Terry, Glenna and the SOKOOL Bus
(photos courtesy of Mr. Kinerk)

Terry and Glenna Cooley moved to Wolf Creek, MT,
and lived there a year or so
before Terry died on January 17, 2006.
Glenna now resides in Helena.

Adams Hotel

Raymond's Adams Hotel

Stories about Raymond Barry which are more recent than those in
can be found at the following links:

Lavina Man Pours His Life into Renovating Historic Hotel

Masons Put New Life into Remodeling Project

A YouTube on the Raymond's Restoration Work



You can read more of Leo's story after he retired from the Walk,
a the Lavina Party Line
from the Roundup Record of Nov. 3, 2004 -
two years from the day the Walk ended at the Statue of Liberty.


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