A Step, A Mile, A Day At A Time

Cover to Lions, Tigers and Bears
Discussed page 131 MMMDI

Find above the cover of a very small run book done on
two of my favorite animal friends, Leo and Little Bear.

The Real Lion and Bear

Compare the cartoon characters to the real McCoys
- or were they McNarys?


Photos from the first days on the road.

Wilbur Wood

I stopped in Roundup on Day 2
to see Wilbur and Elizabeth Wood.
Elizabeth made the BEST sandwich.
Simply scrumptious.

During lunch, we caught up on history, personal and political.

I departed their house leaving without my kerchief.
Wilbur was kind enough to drive out towards Musselshell
and return it to me.

Here, we practice our photographic skills on each other.


George Wipf

Leo and I met George Wipf of the Kilby Butte Hutterite Colony at the end of the second day.

He offered me a beer as the sun was going down. I declined but took a photo instead.

Leo and I camped for the night under the trees just beyond George's pickup.


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