Small Town Living

Here is a small town story which appeared
while putting these pages together
about MONTANA Made Me Do IT.
This episode happened in my current town of Harlowton, MT.

I had made a semi-weekly shopping trip to MidTown Market.
I bought a few items, bagged my own groceries and walked home.
Emptying my bag at home, I found I had forgotten my avocado somehow.
I had walked a lot in the past few hours and decided to forget my avocado.

Two days later, I needed a few more food items.
I returned to the Market and appeared
at the cashier's stand in front of Debbie
with my four purchases.
Debbie Charles and Bob Fredin bantered back and forth,
“Forgot your avocado, did you?”
“We kept your avocado out thinking you might return.”

I told them I had been lazy. They forgave me.
Everyone laughed and Debbie
passed the latest avocado through at no charge.
Both cashiers have loaned me a few dollars in the past
when I have been short on arrival to pay for purchases.

You Know You Live in a Small Town If

Neighbors sometimes know your business before you do.

People wave at passersby whether they know them or not.

When the dog runs astray,
a resident takes care of him/her lest the sheriff does.

A traffic jam occurs when people stop
o chat in the middle of the road, street or highway.



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