art by Rose Wise

Red White and Blue began in Lavina in 1998 to celebrate Robert's 50th birthday.
Entertainment and potluck brought 'em out.


Mariah and Debbie Breding of Harlowton sing "The Rose"
Milder and Rose

Jane Milder and Sharon Rose of Billings
sing "Wonderful World" and "God Bless America"
Brandon Lund

Brandon Lund plays "The Star Spangled Banner"
a la Jimi Hendrix
Charles Horton

Charles Horton plays "Happy Birthday"
Jeanne Meyer
Jeanne Meyer does a reading
Scott Nicholas Rose

Scott Nicholas Rose does a guitar medley
Elliot and Coxwell

Ian Elliot and Jon Coxwell roast the Birthday Boy
before singing "Stompin' on Your Heart" and "Good Night, Irene"
Jim Kinerk

Jim Kinerk does his standup comedy monologue

RWB 50 Audience

Jane Milder takes photos as Kinerk makes the audience laugh


Red White and Blue was successful enough to spawn sequels like

RWB and Liberty Too

Ethnic Too

Xmas in July


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