Pipes in the Park


Joyce in Rosebud

Joyce Willson,
co-owner of the Longhorn Steakhouse in Rosebud,
served me a juicy Longhorn Burger
(Leo got his share)
with red, white and blue trimmings.

I made good use of our stop at the Steakhouse
(which is detailed in the book).


Heroes of Atlantis
Dusty at the Video Store

The main character of Atlantis and
the video store attendant looked like twins.
I had to take a photo.

Darold at Park
Darold at State Park

Look familiar?

Read the book for the story about Darold.

Miles City

Leo and Adolf Hoermann
Leo and Adolf on the Interstate nearing Miles City

Leo and I encountered a fellow traveler from Germany
just before we got off the Interstate to turn into Miles City.
Note Adolf's Bavarian flag flying over his "coach."
He sent me a copy when he returned home from his journey.

Read MMMDI for more of Adolf's story.


Billings and Miles City Caledonians - courtesy Billings Gazette

The Miles City Caledonian Pipe Band
This YouTube starts slowly, but is worth the watch.
Gave me the willies.

Leo and I met Miles City Pipers at Wibaux Park on our last day in town.
It is a Great Story I declare.

To read a followup on my buddy Leo,
read the Lavina Party Line
from the Roundup Record of Nov. 3, 2004 -
two years from the day when I finished the Walk at the Statue of Liberty.


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