Facing West

Leo Facing West

Leo Points West


Donny Tomlinson
Donny Tomlinson

We caught Donny Tomlinson on duty at
Musselshell Mercantile and Saddle Shop.

Donny was apprenticing as a saddlemaker under Al Twomey.


Bud and Leo
Bud Hjelvik and Leo

 Leo and I made the unexpected acquaintance of Bud Hjelvik, brother-in-law to Lois Boe,
owner of FastGo Gas Station in Lavina.

The episode was fun, funny and heart warming just like the photo.
Worth reading about in the book.


The Cliftons
The Cliftons

Ves and Heidi Clifton, who live in Roundup,
were my hosts for lunch and libation and conversation
in Sumatra.

What good fortune
since the Clifton family is the only household in town.


Eric Erickson

Leo and I encountered Eric Erickson, on the left,
when we first entered the town of Ingomar.
He kept an eye on us
and helped us out in a number of ways during out stay.

The Jersey Lilly and the Bunk and Biscuit
were a sight for sore eyes and a respite for blistered feet.

Deanna at the Jersey LillyIngomar
Bunk and Biscuit ExteriorBunk and Biscuit Interior

We stayed over the weekend,
but might have settled longer if the road hadn't beckoned us on -
at least one of us.


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