Oh Canada

Donut Shop

Donuts, donuts and more donuts
from Canada into New York.
Read about Donuts
and the Donut Lady, Elisabeth Ottestad,
standing in middle above
in this chapter.

Naim and Moi

From Donuts to Fruits in one day.
I stand with Naim at his fruit stand in Ontario.
Another sweet moment with a kind man from Lebanon.
Read about him in the Oh Canada chapter.

Mister Natural

At the Mister Natural
Vitamin and Health Shoppe in Aylmer.
Alan and Aggie posed for this photo.
Alan also helped me down the road.

Cher and Brenda

Here are Cher and Brenda in Dunnville.
Cher ran the Feed and Read in an old Hardware store.
Brenda did the same for her Hydeaway B and B where I stayed for two nights.

John Robbins

John Robbins, with the Fort Erie newspaper,
stopped me just leaving Canada
and preparing to unfurl my flag
after keeping Fannie incognito through Ontario.
John had his own story - about the Fenians - to tell
which may be worth your reading in this chapter.



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