Hamlet Under the Big Sky

Lavina circa 1910
circa 1915

Lavina 1975
circa 1975

Lavina became my home in 1995.
That was seventy five years after it was incorporated
and even more years since it blossomed and wilted on the prairie.

Main Street Lavina “opened” up a bit a few years hence
when Raymond Barry started renovating the Adams Hotel,
the Ainslies spiffed up the Slayton Mercantile,
and Ginger Arnold and I decorated the Rocky Mountain Garage.

The photo below emulates one which appeared in an article
called Rediscovering America by Tim Brookes and Tomasz Tomaszewski
and published in the January 2000 issue of National Geographic.

Brookes and Tomaszewski passed through Lavina
some time before Rose Wise painted Lady Liberty
and her bust was installed on the second floor of the Rocky Mountain Garage.

Main Street Lavina 


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