My New York

I arrived in New York City
on Marathon Day, November 3, 2002.

How fitting.

After taking the ferry back to Battery Park,
on the southern end of Manhattan,
Ginger and Leslie Hetrick and I
walked to a bus stop and bussed up to Penn Station.

We saw numbers of Marathoners
making their way around the city.
As the sun was going down,
the runners were bundled in space blankets
to keep themselves warm on the cool, windy day.

On the Long Island Rail Road ride
to Douglaston, Queens,
Ginger and I encountered this Marathon sign. >

I thought the promoters had done that just for me.
But, where is my backpack?

Barbara and Robyn Baldwin were
my hostesses for most of my stay in the Big Apple.

Barbara and Ginger had organized a welcoming party
which materialized on the night of my arrival.

Unfortunately, I failed to materialize my camera
and take photos of that celebration.

Instead, I offer this photo of Barb and Robyn
“in the spirit of the moment.”

How about a break from Red White and Blue?

Well, New York is known for Black attire and Sunglasses.

We have some Black here, but no sunglasses.
It was raining that day
when I went into the city
and met Ginger, Sunshine, and Leslie,
my seminarian friends.

All three will graduate in June 2003
from their Interfaith Seminary program.

Three new ministers will be ordained.

Watch out America!

 I call this photo Patriotic Feet.

Guess whose?

yours can be Patriotic too -

Patriotic in the real sense of the word.

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