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• offers a revolutionary way to view and interpret a horoscope.
• stimulates the imagination and the intution.

Reviewer Craig Conley (Durham, NC) wrote,
“I've been reading, thinking about, and even dreaming about pictorial astrology.”

• opens up the mythic and symbol realms of essential astrology.
• weaves a web to help the reader see connections from figure to figure.

Reviewer Laurie Young (Hope, ID) says,

“I love it and feel curious and inspired to learn more.
I think it is very valuable, brilliant even, and I have already had some great aha moments.”

• draws on the author's history as it outlines the development of the method.
• uses historical figures to bring astrology to life.


Shooting Stars range from Will Rogers to Tom Cruise.
Political Galaxy covers Abraham Lincoln to George W. Bush.
Royal Nebula travels from Elizabethan England to the Glums of the 21st Century.
Silver Stars include Elizabeth Taylor & Marilyn Monroe, Marvin Gaye & Johnny Cash.
Moonbeams discuss psychics from Edgar Cayce to Allison Dubois.
Stars and Stripes survey ”The American” to “The American Messiah”:
Mark Twain to Barack Obama
with views of recent American history along the way.

Craig Conley again,

“The major signatures you cover are indeed outstanding, dramatic,
and not only attention-getting but attention-holding.  
The depth and breadth of your signatures frankly astonished me.”

is chock full of hints, suggestions, and bits of magic.

Susan Oliver (Rocklin, CA) remarks,

“I love it. I've written all over it.”

Pictorial Astrology is a whole course in astrology
Neither weighted down nor encyclopedic
but always spotlighting symbols and meaning,
the book is alive and interactive and PRACTICAL,
looking for the eyes and hands of eager learners.

PICTORIAL ASTROLOGY is 280 pages long - 8 1/2 by 11.
Has full-page charts with matching full-page graphic signature pages
and fun interpretive imformation for each of the 40+ major figures.
Plus lots of other illustrations and graphics and symbolic stimuli.

     The book outlines an effective way for YOU

to become an astrologer in months, not years.

Cost of the book - $50 - includes email support and extras.


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