18 November 2020

LOVE is the Answer


We commented in our recent essay that “Love is the Reason for Medicine” – a variation on a statement the great physician and philosopher Paracelsus made centuries ago. This simple but profound idea should be obvious, but passed over our head for decades. All the same, we doubt that it would come to mind to even a few physicians if pressed to consider the “reason for medicine.” Such questions were never posed in medical school, in our experience.

But, there is an even wider, deeper idea which stands behind it.  Our friend BBB in NYC places it on her email signature line in these words: Love is the Answer.

Love is THE Answer in an ultimate sense to All of our questions and problems, needs and concerns. Here, we speak of Real Love.

The song from 1980 called Looking for Love comes to mind. It speaks of “looking for love in all the wrong places.” How common is that for all of us?

Under ordinary circumstances, Motherly Love may be the only kind of human love which approximates the Real Thing.

Fortunately, there is one true and abiding Love. That is the Love of God. It is everywhere  in the kingdom of heaven which lives in our very midst. The Divine Within lies hidden in all humans, all creatures and the whole of creation. Yet, it is strangely hidden to us even though we are made in “the image and likeness.”

Still, if we try, we can access that Love in the heart of our very own being. But, the first step is to recognize its existence within each of us.

The story is told that when the creation of the universe was accomplished, God called Lucifer to him and asked his help. “Now, that the beginning work is done, I need to find a place for myself so humans will remember and reach for me. But, that place needs to be distant enough that they won’t take me for granted and must seek diligently.”

So, Lucifer thought and thought and thought. He presented all manner of ideas as to where God should settle in the new creation. That God should find place on a high mountain, dry desert, in the midst of the sea, in outer space. All of Lucifer’s suggestions fell short. Although people would have to work to find the Divine, such placement would be beyond the physical means of young and old, lame and poor.

Inevitably, the Lord took the task back and eventually determined to place Divinity – Love – within the heart of all beings.

There we can and shall all one day find the Love of God. That is, when we seek diligently and persistently while endeavoring to share that great gift even as we discover It.

There is another story told years ago by my old friend, Judith Barr. It is about the Treasure House and goes something like the following.

Generations ago, there lived in Cracow an industrious rabbi named Joseph. He was the spiritual leader of his small, poor community; a kind and warm man who spend much of his time in thought and contemplation. The rabbi was also a student of dreams and paid close attention to his own.

Inevitably to Joseph’s surprise, he experienced the same dream three nights running. In it, he saw himself unearthing a treasure of gold under the bridge at Prague.

“Three nights in a row!” Joseph had to act even if Prague was over 300 miles distant.

Soon, he was ready to travel and made the journey as much by foot as through rides offered by fellow travelers. Joseph arrived in Prague in a few days and soon found himself beneath the very bridge he had seen in his dreams.

Joseph procured a shovel and set out to dig when a gendarme appeared and asked him about his endeavor. The little man told him only that he had dreamed of treasure buried at the base of the bridge.

The gendarme laughed and said, “Oh, sorry, my good man. Only old ladies believe in dreams. My wife is one of them. For myself, I think nothing of such things. But … let me tell you about my own dream I had a few days ago.

“As a matter of fact, it was like yours – about treasure. You see, I dreamed of a little man in Poland who discovered a pot of gold hidden in his own hovel. I remember seeing him digging behind his stove and then … But, I don’t waste my time with dreams. Nor should you. Good day. Good luck, you will need it.”

Joseph immediately turned on his heel. He completed his return trip more quickly than the first. The rabbi found his sad home unchanged. Still, he dug and dug and dug behind his little stove until he found a great Treasure in his own House.”

We all can seek, dig and discover – the great Treasure.
The creative, sustaining, and empowering Love of God
dwells quietly and expectantly in each of our own homes.


“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth,

where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal,
but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven …
for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
Matthew 6:19-21

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