Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back in Montana Again

Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Travelers.

I made it to Montana after 19 days on the road. My partner Pooh and I are not much worse for the wear.

We met many fine people along the route from Snowflake Arizona to Harlowton Montana. I will try to share highlights of the journey in coming days and post pictures once I am re-settled.

Returning to Harlowton has been a bit of a surprise. Practically every day, an old friend or acquaintance appears wearing a big smile, asking about me and my travels and my future.

My good friends Duane and Audrey Kolman drove 300 miles to Rexburg Idaho to relieve me from road duty after already covering about 800. Now, I am occupied with helping them with house improvements. Duane is tending to refurbishing and painting window frames. I am in charge of the eaves and soffits.

The painting has been an irregular process in part because of social occasions. There has been family company, the 100th anniversary of the Masonic Lodge in Lavina, a dowsing excursion north of Shawmut, and an evening of guitar serenades thanks to Lorenzo Haarr. It has also been slow by heat, smoke from forest fires here and there, and the tempered movements of aging painters.

But, persistence pays off in painting just as in walking the highway. More about the latter in the next post.

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