Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kindness and Strangers

I have been pleasantly surprised as I walk down the Highway from Wyoming, through Nebraska, and now nearing Kansas.

The “surprise” is that while I am promoting Amity-Unity-Imagination for myself and the nation, I find it directed toward me and shared with me. How wonderful!

“How so?” you may ask.

* Like in being offered numbers of ride offers, unsolicited. I don‘t put my thumb out. I have received several rides from Joe, Travis, Tony, John, the Fitzgeralds, Mrs. Wempen, the Krauses. I may have forgotten a couple.

* People have come out with water and food for me. I fondly remember the BNSF workers stopping to give me H2O. Water is always good, cold water better, and ice water is almost heaven.

Aly from Kearney stopped to hand me water and beef jerky, the other night. Yeah, beef jerky. Haven’t decided what to do with it. But, the water was cold and gone quickly.

* Mrs. Nichols sent her husband out onto the highway many evenings ago with a hamburger and apple. That was real drive-in service.

* I invited myself to attend the First United Methodist Church in Overton, NE. The small congregation was warm and friendly. I joined in their brunch and was sent down the road with leftovers.

Kindness of Strangers makes for great gifts and can remind us that we really all family. There are really no Strangers, only people we have yet to meet.

In Amity, Unity and Imagination.

Roberto on the Road.

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