Thursday, August 21, 2014

Favorite Spots on the Road

I generally focus on great people I meet on my Walkabouts. But, some of them appear connected with favorite spots. Here are a few of the latter. I apologize for being unable to upload photos. Using public library computers has some limitations.

* Jeannie Bean's Bakery and Emporium in Oshkosh, NE - This was a neat smalltown find. Great cinnamon rolls - $2.50 included lemonade. The place was loaded with Wizard of OZ memorabilia. Tom Nelson said his mother Jeannie moved from Kansas and started the shop many years ago.

The place needed air conditioning and could use a website. But, it still has rustic flare and great color and nostalgia.

Jeannie Bean

It is hard to resist OZ and I am getting closer as I journey towards Kansas.

* The Most Unlikely Place in Lewellen, NE - This was an even greater find in the next town to the east. A few years back, the Miller family, which includes a number of artists, bought an old building with a fair amount of history, but a questionable future. There are some wonderful craftsmen and women represented by the MUP

They refurbed the once-upon-a-time theater and made it into an art gallery and bistro. The people there were welcoming and friendly. Candy and Jenna Spady made me especially at home. Jenna even played piano for the small entourage. I also ran into Gary DeCock who grew up in Harlowton while finishing my luncheon. Small world.

* Just up the street in Lewellen is the 17 Ranch Winery - I spent an hour visiting with Janet, employee and former school teacher, while the hot afternoon passed by. I was impressed by efforts in a small community to revive business and get “things going.” They have their work cut out for them.

Lewellen also boasts a sweet little B&B and motel at the end of Main Street.

Gander Inn

Lewellen has a wide Main Street and TALL flag pole in the middle. No problems parking in Lewellen.

I will add favorites as I remember or find them along the way.

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