Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nebraska, Here I AM

Arrived in Bridgeport, NE, around 11:00 am. Although I have walked a lot of miles, the trek has been speeded up a number of times thanks to drivers who stop and offer me rides. I have generally decided to accept.

I walked from Guernsey to Fort Laramie, WY, a few days ago. Slept under a tree in a park. Got up on Sunday and made my way to the Saloon run by Brandon and Matt. They gave me water and sodas and sent me on my way.

Several miles down the road, the Fitzgeralds of Guernsey picked me up and carried me to Scotts Bluff, Nebraska - a boost of 30-40 miles. I walked through Scotts Bluff and Terrytown and Gering, intending to walk into the evening to the east.

I encountered Teri Genua at the Fresh Foods Store. Before long, I was invited to spend a few hours at her home. After long conversations and a night camped on the living room floor, Teri made me breakfast. Then, we went to the Public Library where I gave her email, internet and Microsoft Word tips. My method was to help Teri get some of her ideas and writing out of notebooks and into computer format so as to be someday printable and publishable.

Scotts Bluff

Thereafter, we drove into the Scotts Bluff National Monument, walked along one of its paths, and viewed the landscape which on a clear day can stretch 90 miles.

After watermelon, Teri went back to work and I headed out from Fresh Foods at 4:00 pm toward Bridgeport. I had been out an hour or so when Curt who works at the hospital picked me up and carried me to Melbeta. I put my bag at the “wrong spot” next to the Rock Shop which apparently disturbed the owner. Matt, a Minatare policeman, came by and offered me a ride to the edge of the county.

Instead, I chose McGrew which is shy of the border by a few miles. McGrew boasts the Pink Palace Saloon which Teri said “you have to see.”

I saw it and walked into the dark. Morrill County police officer, Steve Lattin, said Hello from his cruiser at around 8:00 pm. He offered me a dozen-mile ride into Bridgeport, but I chose to walk into the Moon for a few hours.

Eventually tiring, I found a sign-post next to the highway to lean my backpack against and proceeded to rest from about 11:00 to 7:00 am. After cleanup, I walked a few brisk miles when Albert Hanoch volunteered a ride to Bridgeport.

I took myself to the Bakery and then the Library when I write this note.

The road has been kind and so have the people of Wyoming and Nebraska. I am convinced that given the opportunity, most people act with kindness and goodwill. My Walk offers some of those opportunities.

There are many ways to give and share so as make this a better world.

In Amity Unity and Imagination.


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