Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Hello Anyone and Everyone.

I apologize for lack of photos. I usually just get a few minutes on a library computer as today. When I get to Twin Falls in a week I should be able to throw up some of my favorite pictures.

I left off in Rexburg. I sat across the way at Oles in Sugar City about five miles north of Rexburg a couple days ago. The patrons at the next table of the not-busy cafe turned out to be Richard Woodland, Mayor of Rexburg, and his wife Laurie. We took up conversation. They invited me to ride with them to Rexburg after the meal. To that point, I had only taken two rides of less than a mile each.

But, I gave in and was glad I did. Mrs. Woodland did the driving and gave me a tour of Rexburg, home of Brigham Young University - Idaho. Laurie was once basketball coach there. The school became four year university about 10 years ago. No intercollegiate athletics. Lots and lots of ball teams though for anybody ijnterested. Sounds like a good idea.

Mayor Woodland

The Woodlands took me to the Super 8, I was ready for a break after 5-6 nights jumping the fence and sleeping near the highway. The Mayor took out his credit card and paid for the room, invited me to visit City Hall next day. After a short time there, he sent me to the Rexburg Standard where Joseph Law did a long interview, walked me to Broulims Grocery and then to the edge of town. Had a good visit and really liked Mr. Law. He has six kids, modest for a Mormon there.

Next day, to be brief, a young fellow named Pat Sutphin, intern from Chicago, found me at a rest stop on the edge of Idaho Falls and did an interview for the Post Register.

I fotgot to say, I took an hour or so to visit the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls to see the 111-piece King Tut exhibit. Pretty neat, took photos, but my brain-mind was not able to digest much of the exhibit.

King Tut

In Blackfoot, ID, now at the library. Heading west from here. Twin Falls beckoning. More about that later.

Thanks to all for thoughts, comments, etc.

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