Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Three Amigas

Nearing 300 miles on the Walk, I am in Rexburg, ID. I have stories to tell about getting to this city yesterday. But will save them for later.

I want to make mention of three friends who have much to do with this whole venture.

Ginger Peace Arnold in New York City was key in getting me pointed to the first trek to the Lady Liberty in 2002. She is now posting and posting on Facebook about this effort. Thanks Peace, old buddy, old friend.

Tracy Deliman in northern California challenged me to an Adventure and so it happened that I picked up Fannie the Flag and started walking Montana to California. Tracy is contact person for the trip. Thank you Tracy for the push and help.

Meryl Ann Butler

Meryl Ann Butler has pulled things together, written articles and press releases, and is energizing the whole PR process from Norfolk, VA. For an overview of the Walk read her article posted early into the trip. Link below. Meryl Ann deserves many thanks.

My thanks go out to my Three Amigas.

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Flag: MD Follows His Heart on 900-Mile Trek

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