Friday, September 14, 2012

Over the Continental Divide

I have just a few minutes at the Library in the town
with a 39-mile-long main street - Highway 20 - Island Park, Idaho.

Crossed the Continental Divide yesterday.
Good pull but not as hard as Norris Hill Pass.

Rachel Linn

Had private cello concert from Rachel Linn yesterday at Driftwaters Lodge.

Met a young woman named Amity driving her bike
and her dog from Glennwood Springs CO to Seattle WA.


Decided to give the Flag and Walk the motto of Amity and Unity.

Cold nights. Feet like them for walking, will take some adjusting to walking some at night as well as day.

Thanks for all the Facebook posts, emails, prayers and thoughts.

I get lots of hoots - or Fannie the Flag does - as we walk the highway - now 20 - heading for Ashton, St Anthony and Rexburg in next few days.

Many Good Wishes to All Gods Creatures.


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